Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Qualities to Look For in Amish Furniture

There are few items that will dress up your home better than a well-crafted piece of Amish furniture gracing a room. Whether it is a well placed curio cabinet in the corner or a beautiful dining room table that becomes the focus of the room, Amish furniture can be an asset to any home, no matter what your style of decor might be. However, shopping for these pieces can be tricky, with many companies providing mass produced items that are attractive to look at but short on quality. If you are in the Bhiwandi furniture market for Amish furniture that will withstand the test of time, read on for tips to consider when shopping for your pieces.

1. Solid Wood

Most high quality Amish furniture will be crafted from solid woods like oak, cherry or maple. Other popular woods might include hickory, birch and walnut. Finishes can include an array of shades, so you can find the perfect piece to coordinate in your room. Inlays are rarely used in Amish design, since simplicity is the key, but when it is used, it is generally an understated walnut addition. If you are shopping for wood pieces that include veneers or other types of materials, you are probably not dealing with a genuine Amish craftsman.

2. Unique Pieces

When furniture pieces are painstakingly crafted by hand, there will be some slight differences in the size and construction of every individual item. This means that every genuine piece of Amish furniture you purchase will be unique to you in many ways. The ability to customize pieces is also a characteristic of true Amish furniture, but you will have to be prepared to wait for the piece that will be crafted just for you. Keep in mind that the Amish culture does not allow for modern conveniences like the telephone or computers, so it will take extra time for the ordering process as well as the manufacturing time.

3. Attention to Detail

The Amish construct their furniture by hand and without the help of modern machinery, allowing them to pay special attention to the details in every piece. Whether it is the hand-turned legs on your dining room table or the ornate carving of a Queen Anne dresser, you can enjoy rich, beautiful style for every room of your home.

4. Quality Construction

You can see it in the reinforced joints, dovetail drawers and geared extension slides. This furniture is designed to last for generations. The Amish believe that the ability to craft beautiful furniture pieces is a gift from God, and they take that gift very seriously. For the consumer interested in genuine Amish furnishings, this translates to well-made pieces that will add aesthetic quality and durability to the home.

Amish furniture is as durable as it is beautiful, and it can be a lovely addition to any home. No matter what room you are interested in furnishing; check out your choices in genuine Amish furniture.