Thursday, May 27, 2021

Choose Western Decor for the Feeling of Wide Open Spaces

When I think of western decor, I picture a big open kitchen opening out to acres and acres of fields. Plenty of barns, horses and cows populate the scene. With this relaxing picture in mind, why not choose western decor for your home?

This type of decor can really be used a few different ways. For example, some people think of country decor as a type of western decor. After all, there are cows, roosters, and old time accents used in country decor. These can also be used in western decor. There are usually cows and roosters where you find horses! These two types of decorating are very closely related.

If you choose to decorate with western accents, there are plenty to choose from. Cowboy boot planters, horse figurines, southwestern shuttle rugs and big Texas style wooden mirrors are just a few of the accents you can use in western decor.

Do you have a lot of wood in your home? 

Wood floors, pine walls and exposed beams add an authentic atmosphere to the look. Use lots of wood accents - wagon wheels make an attention grabbing display for your wall. An old wooden rocker with a brightly colored bandana tied around the back also adds a western touch.

Mix a few brightly colored southwestern items such as a shuttle rug and a kokopelli vase. The splash of color items like this add will brighten the room. You might consider using rustic colors like dark blues, reds and greens along with gold for the perfect western decor look.

Keep the room as wide open as possible. Try not to clutter it with too many pieces of furniture, too many knick-knacks, etc. A wide open and spacious feeling is what your looking for. Try your hand at creating the open and inviting look and feel of western decor!

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